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We are a family owned and operated shave ice catering business here in Hawaii . We are based on the North Shore of O’ahu in the small town of Laie. Our family have always thought of ways in which we could earn extra money to make ends meet. Our motivation to move forward with Lilia’s Shave Ice was our second son, George Jr. who left for a two-year service mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. His service was our reason and motivation for starting this business. We needed to find a way to make money to support our son while he was away.  He has since returned home but we have continued to provide Shave Ice services as we have found much success filling parties across all of O’ahu with the yummiest of Shave Ice. Let me introduce you to our family.


Lilia Kaka

Lilia is the namesake of this business. She has been on the frontlines since day 1 learning and running every aspect of the her legacy.

'Ema Kaka

'Ema is another trusted member of our team that brings a ton of enthusiasm and life to our everyday operations.

Conway Kaka

Conway is the man behind the scenes that pulls everything together. He also assists in many facets of this business including both onsite and offsite operations.

Ash Kaka

Ash is our on-sight specialist who takes care of setup, customer service and break down.

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